While there are numerous fencing solutions out there, when a facility needs an impenetrable fence, they often opt for an anti-climb weldmesh, and not without some compelling reasons. If you too happen to be interested in knowing these reasons, you’re at the right place. But first, let us take a quick look at what is meant by an anti-climb fence!

What is an Anti-Climb Fence?

Also known as anti-cut fence, an anti-climb fence is essentially a mesh created by a unique weld that offers a visually appealing design complete with exceptional security. 

To enable the anti-climb feature, these fences feature a very small mesh opening or aperture. The opening is only 0.5 inches in height which makes it difficult for finger, toes and tools to get a grip. Despite this, as the horizontal opening is 3 inches apart, the fence is almost see through, adding to it’s security appeal and making it CCTV friendly. 

Some of the most prominent aspects which make anti-climb meshes highly sought after include – 

Anti-Climb Fence Complete Impenetrability 

As mentioned above, the intrinsic design of the weldmesh makes it impossible for an intruder to climb the mesh! But what if they were to use any tools? Well, when metallic tools have to cut thick wires, they need to be big and strong. But as already informed, the vertical opening of 0.5 inches doesn’t allow access to big cutting tools. So, yes! Anti-climb fences ensure impenetrability in the truest sense of the word. 

Anti-Climb Fence Higher Strength of Structure

Owing to its closely welded design, anti-climb mesh possesses additional strength. The use of high tensile wire and weld strength as per ASTM standards for manufacturing this fence not only makes the fence rather sturdy but also increases its resistance against any blunt force trauma. This further makes sure that tools like cutters fail when it comes to tampering with this unique fence type.

Anti-Climb Fence Resistance To Wear and Tear

The use of dual coating – galvanising and powder coating – ensures that anti-climb fences are resilient towards wear and tear. This resilience offers them a longer lifespan. What’s more? Thanks to the dual coating protection, these fences are able to withstand a wide range of climatic conditions without suffering any harm. Besides, there simply isn’t any need to clean or maintain this fence regularly, which helps save a lot of time and added effort! 

Anti-Climb Fence Ability to Accommodate Security Measures

If you want an even higher level of security, and wish to opt for additional measures such as a barbed-wire fence, or wall spikes, or even a CCTV system, you can easily do so, in conjunction with the anti-climb mesh. All you need to do is specify your needs to your dealer or contractor, and take your pick based on their suggestions. 


To begin with, the anti-climb mesh is more affordable than concrete barriers. Moreover, they are modular and arrive on the site in sections. Not only does this make it easier for this fence to be installed, but in case of any damage, all you need to do is repair or replace the section and not the entire fence.

Ideal Design

While the design of the anti-climb mesh deters intruders, it is often considered aesthetically pleasing due to its clean look. Moreover, it does not impede the visibility of the property.

Anti-Climb Fence Wide Range of Applications

Anti-climb fences can easily be used in a wide range of places including but not limited to Offices Buildings, Hospitality Industry, Stadiums and Sports Fields, Industrial Facilities, Manufacturing Units, Data Centres, Financial Institutions, Universities, Railways, Warehouse Perimeter, Chemical Plant Etc. Moreover, these are also used in Prisons and Military outfits where a higher level of security is required. 

We hope that you are now as convinced about the strength and utility of Anti Climb Fences, as we are.  If you think you are ready to give your infrastructure project, or your commercial or residential property a strong demarcation solution, do check out A-1 Fence Products for one of the most high-quality and cost-effective Anti-Climb Mesh Fences around!

Anti-Climb Fence FAQs

  1. How well does anti-climb fencing work?

Anti-climb fences are essentially designed to deter intruders from climbing over the fence. Moreover, the intricate design of the fence is reinforced to prevent cutting or being knocked over, which makes these fences true to their name, and extremely efficient in ensuring the security of your property.  

  1. What kind of maintenance does anti-climb fencing require?

Thanks to the use of galvanised steel, which is further powder coated, A-1 Fence’s specialised anti-climb fence – A-1 Kavach virtually requires no maintenance whatsoever. Highly durable and incredibly resistant to damage and corrosion, this fence neither requires frequent cleaning nor repairs.