A-1 Surakshak – The Only Barbed Wire Fence You’ll Ever Need

a-1 Surakshak barbed wire

30-Second Summary: A-1 Surakshak™ is a range of premium quality barbed wire fence. Barbed wire fences are made using double-strand high tensile steel wire. This makes it near impossible to cut these wires using pliers, thus ensuring the safety of the property. The barbed wires stay fir ...

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Benefits of Chain Link Fences That You Ought to Know

benefits of chain link fence

30-second summary: Chain link fences are one of the most widely used fencing solutions for both, commercial and residential. The flexibility and the sheer structure of the chain link fence make it rather easy for the fence to be stretched across rugged mountainous terrain, making it mu ...

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Why Decorative Twin Wire Mesh Fence is the Strongest Aesthetic Demarcation Solution?

twin mesh wire fence

30-second summary: In general, a twin wire mesh fence features two 8mm horizontal wires, which sandwich 6mm vertical wire is 65mm x 200mm. They are also used for safety as well as the main perimeter, parking lots, public buildings and airports. The wire mesh has a unique characteristic ...

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Why Electric Fencing Might Be Just The Perfect Solution for Securing Your Industrial Setup?

electric fencing for industrial setup

30-second summary: Electrical Wire Fencing is a one-time investment to protect your property from intruders. Electric fences comply with IEC 60335:2:76 standard making it completely safe and legal to use. Electrical fences are not prone to rust or to becoming brittle thereby requiring ...

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Architectural Gabions – 5 Reasons Why They Should Be a Part of Your Next Project!

need of an architectural gabions in india

30-second summary: Architectural Gabions are essentially wall-like structures created by filling stones in mesh metal boxes. The cages are designed using galvanized and powder coated steel wires to withstand various conditions, both weather-related as well as environmental. Gabion wall ...

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