Track Sliding Gates: Gates made for light industrial applications where there is a wide entryway opening (in excess of 6 meters). They can be automated and also customised with various sorts of infill, transparent or opaque relying upon site necessities. Sliding gates offer better security than swing gates.


Single Track sliding

Bi parting track sliding gate

sliding gate - tracksliding gate

Cantilever Gate: They are also known as hanging gates or trackless gates as they use concealed mechanical bearings instead of wheels for its operation and the entire Gate is balanced on two hangers eliminating the need of a track. There is less friction due to trackless operation thus reducing the gate pull force. It requires less maintenance as Bearings are concealed in the Gate Frame

sliding gate cantilever gate

Telescopic Gate: Gates designed to operate in a very compact parking space. It splits the single leaf of the sliding gate into multiple leafs that move together in a telescopic action. These gates operate on a track sliding mechanism. They offer 40% more compactness than other gates.


Two leaf

Three Leaf

Four Leaf

sliding gate - telescopic gate

Sliding Folding Gate:

Crash Rated Gate: These are hostile mitigation access control systems that are engineered and designed to sustain the impact of heavy vehicles crashing into them thereby securing and preventing any losses on site. Crash Rated gates find applications in high value asset perimeter protection. These systems are PAS68 and ASTM F2656 M50 P1 certified which ensures that the gate is designed in compliance with the required industry standards.



Branding Ready


Integrated with magnetic lock

Safety Features

High Corrosion Resistance

Child safe gates

sliding gate crash rated gate


D5 Evo: Centurion’s D5 Evo motor makes for the best choice for automation required for sliding gates upto 500 kgs weight. Used for domestic & light industrial applications.

Technical Data sheet:

sliding gate d5

D10: D10 motor is used for gates with weights upto 1000kgs. This motor offers the same features and performance as the D5 motor. It offers the best gate automation solution required for heavy industrial & commercial applications.

Technical Data sheet:

sliding gate  d10

A10 Heavyweight:A10 proves an all round solution for automation required for gates with weights upto 2000 Kgs.

Technical Data sheet:

sliding gate a10

Centurion- Vantage for Swing Gates


Access Control

Perimeter Security

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Sliding Gates

Why sliding gates are used in most industrial units?

Sliding gates occupy less space as compared to normal ones when open as they slide through the walls. But most industrial units install these gates for their space utility as well as their sturdiness. They provide good security at the entrance.

What are the types of sliding gates available?

There are typically four types of sliding gates available – sliding folding gates, telescopic gates, cantilever gates, track sliding gates. Most of these gates are high in durability and easy to install and use.

Where are sliding gates most commonly used?

These kinds are most commonly used in industrial units with wide openings. Apart from that, residential entrances or driveways, at places where there is an upward slope, and the most expansive facilities.

What are the main benefits of sliding gates over swinging gates?

Sliding gates provide increased security, are more durable in high-wind loading situations, look elegant and stylish, and can be automated for ease of operations.

Are there any particular features I must look for before purchasing sliding gates?

There are several features you must look into while choosing a sliding gate. But these are more like options and you can opt for the ones that fit the best in your requirements. Whether they slide towards left or right, do they move on tracks or are trackless cantilever kinds, can they be automated, and the sizes available.