Easy Installation

Use of modular clamping fixtures promotes easy & fast installation which eliminates any welding or fabrication on site thereby reducing costs.

Slope/Gradient Installation

The fence can be easily stretched to cover uneven mountain terrain which makes it more versatile.

Logistics friendly

Chain link fabric is packed into compact rolls which are easy to transport & handle.

Long Life

Available in multiple coating options depending upon the environmental & site condition to help combat corrosion from degrading its life. Coating Options : Zinc EcoZal(Zn 90% + Al 10%) PVC Glued PVC Fusion Bonded PA6


The top and bottom of the fabric can be customised as either both knuckled, both twisted or one of each depending upon the level of security required.

Variable mesh size

Chain link's mesh size can be varied depending on application and security requirements.


What is the wire diameter of a chain link fence?

CLF - normally 2.5 mm (can also be referred to as 12 gauge) or 3 mm (can also be referred to as 10 gauge)

HC - Line wire (mesh wire) - 2.7 mm & Salvage wire - 3.4 mm Placed at the edges of the fabric

What will be the chain link mesh size?

CLF - 25 x 25 mm , 50 x 50 mm, 75 x 75 mm

HC - 60 x80 mm, 80 x 100 mm, 100 x 120 mm

What will be the mesh height?

CLF -std manufacturing height 4 m. (Height can be customized) max serviceable order height is 5-6 ft

HC -std manufacturing height 2 m. (Height can be customized) max serviceable order height is 5-6 ft

What is the composition of coating?

CLF - 275 GSM Heavy galvanized

HC - 275 GSM Heavy galvanized


Mesh Size (mm) Wire Diameter (mm) Coating Standards Fabric Length
Galvanized PVC Coated
25 x 25 2.00 - 4.00 (As per BS EN 10218-2 ID 1.40/OD 2.00 -
ID 4.00/OD 5.00 (As per BS EN 10218-2)
Galvanized: ASTM 392 Class 1 & 2 ASTM A641 Class 3,4,5 / A,B,C BS EN 10244-2 Class A,B,C & D

PVC Coating: BS EN 10245
10 - 25
50 x 50
65 x 65
75 x 75

Post Section Diameter Coating
Circular hollow Section 32-150mm (ASTM A53 & BS EN 1387) Hot Dip Galvanization: 300GSM to 610GSM (ASTM A53, ASTM F1083 & BS EN 1461)
PVC: Min 250 Microns
Polyester Powder Coating: 60 - 80 Microns