Every property – be it residential or commercial – needs to be protected from intruders and trespassers. And fencing is one of the most efficient tools for providing that security. A-1 Fence provides complete protection from intruders while adding aesthetic value to your property. 

In today’s day and age, where security is a huge concern for all property owners, electric fences are becoming more and more popular as the world’s most efficient intrusion detection system. Their robust design, unprecedented security aspect, and affordability make them an ideal choice for all kinds of properties. 

Before we get to know why electric fences are considered the best intrusion detection system, let’s first find out how they work. 

What is Electric Fence?

Electric fence is an electronic perimeter protection system that prevents intrusion using a safe, short, sharp & a very unpleasant shock against cutting or climbing attempts while alerting the owner using local and remote audio visual alarms. Electric fences are made of five basic components – the ground wires, live wires, posts and pillars that are insulated, a grounding rod, and an energizer. The posts/pillars are placed at equal distance and live wires are wound around them. The energizer, which is placed in a cool, dry place is connected to the live wires providing it the electric current. This entire system is bound together with a grounding rod. The part that makes electric fencing so effective is that you can adjust the amount of voltage you want in your electric fence depending on the kinds of intruders you wish to keep away. 

Reasons Why Electric Fences are the Best Intrusion Detection System

Electric fencing provides a powerful electric shock making it perfectly safe as an intrusion detection system. Alarms can also be attached to the fencing so that whenever there is an unwanted person trying to trespass your property, you will be alerted by the alarm. This makes electric fencing even more efficient as it not only prevents intrusion but also alerts the owners. 

That apart, there are several other benefits of installing an electric security fence and protecting your property from intrusion:

Electric Fences are Affordable and Easy To Install

It might be a common misconception that electric fences are on the expensive side as they require extra elements to provide electricity to them, but that’s far from being true. Electric fences are a lot more affordable as compared to a lot of other types of fences. Sometimes, they can cost half of what some other, more stringent security systems cost. In addition to that, they are quite easy to install and don’t require too much maintenance. They are one of the most affordable, reliable, effective, and durable fences to protect your properties. 

Electric Fences Offer Excellent Performance

Electric fences are extremely proficient at doing what they are supposed to do. That is, protect your properties from any kind of intrusion. It gives a strong, yet safe electric shock if an animal or a person touches the fence. The electric power is calibrated in such a way that it gives powerful enough shock to keep intruders away without causing any long-lasting damage to their health. The shock is a psychological barrier to the intruder’s mind. So, the intruder will definitely remember it for a long time causing them to not come close to the fence any time soon. Its calculated calibration makes electric fences extremely safe to use as well. Even though you want to keep the intruders away from your property, you don’t want to cause any harm to anyone. And electric fences do just that. 

Electric Fences are Long-Lasting and Durable

Electric fences are made to last and require minimum maintenance. Even more complex security systems that have electricity as one of their components are expected to last much longer than many other types of fences. 

If an electric fence is earthed for three pulses/seconds (gives a shock to someone) or if a live wire or an earthed wire comes in contact for more than three seconds, then the alarm will go on. This indicates that there has been an attempted intrusion at some part of your property. This is one of the most efficient ways to keep your property safe as you won’t have to constantly monitor the entire boundary wall. 

Electric Fences by A1 fence

The moment there is an intrusion detected, the detection system will go on and alert the security personnel. Since all these systems are automated, they are extremely efficient and there are hardly ever any lapses. This is why electric fences are being used at top-security zones and highly-valued properties across the world. Their efficiency, affordability, ease of installation, and their easy functioning make them the top choice for all property owners. 

Now that you know all about electric fences, we are sure you must be raring to get it installed and enhance the protection of your property! And who better than A-1 Fence Products to fulfil your security needs, not only be providing the best-in-class electric security fences ideally suited to your needs, but also have it installed at the desired location with finesse. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Fences

Is an electric fence AC or DC?

Electric fences make use of direct current. These fences are characterised by the passage of electrical pulses at regular intervals, usually set at one-second internals. Between these pulses, an output capacitor stores the direct current (DC). Since capacitors aren’t designed to store Alternating Current (AC), electric fences cannot depend on the same. When the capacitor discharges onto the fence wires, the waveform is best described as a pulsating DC.

Can barbed wire be electrified?

Technically, yes. Barbed wires can be electrified. However, this is not usually done in practice as it can create an extreme hazard for any wildlife and/or children. In fact, electrified barbed wire has been deemed unlawful in many countries.