Road barriers are designed to prevent or deter access to dangerous or off-limits areas while allowing light and visibility in a greater way than a fence. It prevents vehicles from falling off cliffs or running off the road or on the opposite side. Road barriers can also be used as temporary fences to channelize traffic in the desired direction. A-1 Fence offers three different types of road safety barriers each made for suitable applications.

All our fences are made with high grade steel and are in compliance with latest industry standards which ensure that we offer only certified products.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Road Barriers

Are road barriers essential from a safety point of view?

Yes, the main objective of road barriers is to ensure that they protect vehicles from falling off the road in an emergency, especially off the cliff or onto the other side of the road. But they can also be used to channelize traffic as a temporary arrangement.

What are the other uses of road barriers?

Road barriers are also used to deter people/vehicles from entering an off-limit zone. They can also be used as visual indicators, especially during the night.

What are the types of road barriers that can be used to enhance safety?

There are several types of road barriers. While most of them are used for safety purposes, certain others also act as deterrents for trespassing or even evasive actions. Amongst available in the market are automatic boom barriers, plastic barricades, barrier gates, water-filled barriers, flap barriers, tyre killers, and plastic traffic barriers.

What are the benefits of road barriers?

When installed properly and in the right place, they can greatly reduce the impact of collisions. They also act as an important factor in safeguarding head-on collisions of out-of-control cars.

Are there different makes of road barriers that I can choose from?

Yes, there are different kinds of structural road barriers available. Wire-rope, a-frame, delineator, concrete, plastic pedestrian, and traffic cones.