honeycomb fence features secure


Intentional cutting or accidental breaking of single wires will not impact the structural integrity of the mesh due to its triple twist construction and honeycomb shape.

strong honeycomb fence


Impact on the fence is evenly distributed along the entire mesh due to it’s honeycomb structure. The Flexible fabric also helps in sustaining impact making it an ideal choice for fencing footballs ground and other similar sports fields.

honeycomb fence long life

Long Life

Available in multiple coating options depending upon the environmental & site condition to help combat corrosion from degrading its life. Coating Options : Zinc EcoZal(Zn 90% + Al 10%) PVC Glued PVC Fusion Bonded PA6


Name Parameter Specification
Wire Diameter 2.7 mm
Honeycomb Fabric Mesh Size 80 X 100 mm,
100X120 mm
Circular Hollow Section Post Dimensions Straining Post - 76 x 3 mm
Intermediate Post - 60 x 3mm
Diagonal Support Dimension 48 x 2mm
Coating Finish Fabric - PVC
Post - PPC