Weld Mesh, also known as Mesh Fencing primarily comprises high-quality steel wires which are electrically welded together to form a strong mesh structure. Weld Mesh Fences find increased use with respect to security owing to the fact that they can create a strong steel barrier – more rigid than woven fences.

Some of the aspects that make these anti-climb Steel Mesh Fences more popular than their counterparts include – easy installation, reduced dependence on accessories for installation, and relatively lower horizontal loads on the poles.

Thanks to our consistent welding practices and superior coating technology, A-1 Fence’s Welded Mesh Fences are anti-cut, anti-break, and anti-corrode thus promising great returns on investment!

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A-1 Fence has always focused on delivering quality fencing products which are compliant with the latest industry standards. We follow stringent quality checks during procurement, manufacturing & coating.


Congruency in wires is critical to ensure that each wire in the fence carries the same features imparting quality throughout the fence. Industry leading wire cutting machines helps in getting the right dimensions to produce seamless fencing solutions.


Weld strength forms one of the most important aspects in welded mesh fences. It imparts rigidity & toughness to the fence.The fence panels are tested for peak load test to ensure weld strength falls in the desired range.

Standard followed : EN 10223-7


With a best in class powder covering arrangement and an experience of around two decades has made A-1 equipped for delivering best in class coatings that can withstand diverse climatic conditions keeping the fence new as usual.


To make sure that each panel is coated with the right thickness a DFT meter test is done on the coated products. For Polyester powder coating minimum thickness is 60 microns & for TPC coating it is minimum 200 microns.

Standard Followed : EN 13438


This test is performed to ensure that the powder is stuck firmly to the product and does not come out easily exposing the inner metal for corrosion.

Standard Followed : EN 13438 Testing Standard : ISO 2409


The resistance of the coating to corrosion is tested with the help of this test. The test determines the time required for corrosion to start on the coated product upon constant exposure to salt water.

Testing Standard : ISO 922


To ensure that the coating doesn’t get damaged due to impact the impact resistance test is conducted so that the coating resistance falls in the desired range.

Testing Standard : ASTM D2794


⇒   High-Security zones such as Prisons, Nuclear Facilities etc.

⇒  Demarcation of Agricultural or Industrial Premises

⇒  Security cages and fences

⇒  Construction and Plaster Applications

⇒  Warehouses, Factories, Societies and Farmhouses as Wall Tops

⇒  Sculpture Enclosures

⇒  Animal Enclosures


Why A-1 Fence for Weld Mesh Fences?

⇒   Adherence to International Standards in Quality

⇒   State-Of-The-Art Coating Facilities

⇒   High-Quality Welding

⇒   Aesthetically Pleasing Finish

⇒   Exceptional Strength and Durability

⇒   Corrosion Resistant

⇒   High Value For Money

⇒   Consistent Weld Strength and Weldmesh Sizes




Impenetrable Security

Since Welded Mesh Fences are available in various thicknesses and can be constructed to reach up to 20 feet in height, they are virtually impassable both by humans as well as wildlife, making them ideal for premises requiring high security.


Durable Design

Welded Mesh Fences are designed to be sturdy, and on installation are exceptionally difficult for intruders to climb up or blow away. Moreover, these Steel Mesh Fences are weather-resistant, and can even endure physical pressures up to a great extent.


Intricate Structure

Thanks to the weaving of the wires post galvanization, Weld Meshes often act like indestructible fortress walls, making them ideal for construction or industrial sites with heavy machinery and bulky raw materials. Moreover, the v-bends in the weld mesh panel adds additional stability to the fence against wind loads, thereby eliminating any waviness.


Low Maintenance

Steel Mesh Fences as well as Weld Mesh Gates are designed by electrically welding the wires together, thus eliminating any chance of cracking or breaking over, making them affordable, low-maintenance long term investment.


Convenient Installation

Welded Mesh Fences can be easily erected on a wide array of surfaces in a hassle-free manner. It is this adaptability that ensures quick installation of the fencing whenever needed.


Exceedingly Durable

Coated Mesh Fencing is designed to endure head-on impacts from large animals. This is taken care of by powder coating the wires to ensure high durability. Given that such fencing rarely requires any repair, it can often last a lifetime!


High-Quality Welding

Steel Mesh Fences are created using high-quality steel wires with low carbon content which are welded using fully automated computer-controlled welding machines, offering them impeccable strength.


Adaptable Construction

Welded Wire Meshes can be easily designed on the basis of the precise reinforcement weldmesh sizes by varying the bar size and spacing, making them ideal for various applications in a seamless manner.


Enhanced Speed of Construction

Welded Wire Meshes enable condensed cycle time of slab casting on the site, especially when compared to the cumbersome process of individual bar placement and tying. This ensures speedy construction.


Improved Finish

The option of using thinner bars for closer spacings in welded mesh wires helps ensure efficient stress transfer to the concrete. This results in minimal cracks thereby ensuring aesthetically pleasing finished surfaces.


In-Factory Production

Welded Mesh is designed by cutting and bending the wires in the factory, which not only eliminates the need to rebar the yard at the site but also makes the installation process inherently safer.


Reduced Reliance on Manpower

Steel Mesh Fences are exceptionally quick and easy to install, thereby offering enhanced on-site efficiency and decreased reliance on manpower. This not only makes the installation process quick but also rather cost-effective.

Frequently Asked Questions When It Comes to Choosing Weldmesh Fences

Which factors make weldmesh fences more popular than other fence types?

Weldmesh fences, also known as mesh fencing are made of high-quality steel wires that are electrically welded together to make mesh-like grids. Because of their structure, they are strong inbuilt, and climb-free as there are very few spaces in between the grids. They are also considered more durable as compared to woven fences. They are easy to install, have the capability to endure more pressure, anti-cut, and anti-break due to their welded formation.

What kind of facilities and places can weldmesh fences be used at?

Weldmesh fences are considered quite strong for the way they are made, this is why they are mostly used in high-security zones like a prison and nuclear facilities, etc. Apart from that, they are also used for the demarcation of agricultural land, security cages and fences, construction sites, factories, warehouses, sculptors, and animal enclosures.

Is the weldmesh fence more weather durable than others?

Weldmesh fences are surely more weather friendly as compared to many other fences. This is because of its durable finish and enough space for air or wind to pass through. This reduces the pressure on the fence even when installed in areas where the climate is prone to strong winds. This makes them last longer with minimum maintenance.

Are there any other usages of weld mesh apart from high-security zones?

One of the key factors that make weldmesh fences so common is the kind of visibility they provide apart from being strong and durable. There is enough space in between grids to see through clearly and so they are also used in places like sports stadiums, schools, business units, etc.

Can a weldmesh fence be installed for beautification?

Apart from being safe and durable, weld mesh fences can be made aesthetically pleasing as well by using different kinds of coatings and colours.