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wall spikes easy installation

Easy Installation

The double strand high tensile wire hA secure nut & bolt system helps in easy & fast installation on any existing fence or wall.

wall spikes long life

Long Life

Wall spikes are galvanized & powder coated which helps in corrosion resistance thus making it more sustainable.

wall spikes security

Aesthetic Security

Wall spikes give the perimeter a unique look also providing the necessary intrusion protection.


Height (mm) Width (mm) Pitch Length (mm) Length (mm) Packing
110 80 80 1000 - 1500 10 pieces can be packed per box & 40 boxes per pallet

Can be customised as per requirement


Perimeter Security

Frequently Asked Questions About Wall Spikes

Do I really need wall spikes?

Wall spikes are like additional safety precautions people take. Wall spikes are an easy and convenient way to ensure that your premises are trespass-free and no unauthorized person enters without permission.

Why choose wall spikes over other wall top fences?

Wall spikes are extremely sturdy, durable, highly safe, and enjoy a long lifespan. They are easy to install and can be designed aesthetically. They provide both beauty and safety.

Are wall spikes effective?

While walls are safe enough, some require additional safety features that wall spikes can provide. These are anti-climb installations that can enhance the security of premises without costing too much.

What are the types of wall spikes available and which are the best kinds?

There are several variants of wall spikes available in the market. There are both rotating and static types available manufactured in a variety of materials including plastic, steel, and aluminium, etc.

Are there any legalities involved in installing wall spikes?

While the less aggressive ones like the ones made of plastic can be installed anywhere. The more robust ones that are made of steel and aluminium must typically be used in industrial and commercial premises with permission. The most common use of such installations is in buildings that have a stringent security code.