How does an electric fence work

Electric Fence is made of multiple conductive wires that run horizontally along the fence & are parallel to each other. The wires are connected to a device known as Energizer which transmits short & continuous high voltage pulses all along the fence line. The voltage ranges from 5000 V to 9500 V. In case someone disturbs the fence by cutting or shorting the wires then an audio & visual alarm is raised immediately. So one trying to tamper the fence will be immediately detected.

Security Beyond Fencing

We offer perimeter security not only through high security fencing but also through intrusion detection systems

Liminal-K Vibration Sensor Intrusion Detection System

MEMS BASED Vibration Sensor for Pinpoint Intrusion Detection

Designed to secure critical perimeters, the LIMINAL–K system is a vibration sensor based intrusion detection system with pinpoint accuracy.

Liminal-F Fibre Optic Zone Based Intrusion Detection System

Fiber Optic based Vibration Sensor for Zone wise Intrusion Detection

Developed for advanced perimeter security, Liminal-F system is an advanced fibre optic zone based intrusion detection system.

Electric Fence

Safe Shock & Continuity based Electric Fence System for Zone wise Intrusion Detection

Designed to provide a short & sharp but SAFE shock to anyone attempting to intrude and is most economical & efficient intrusion detection system. It also maintains an alarm log for post event analysis. The system can be integrated with industry leading video management softwares to connect PTZ cameras so that they cue to the zone where intrusion is detected.



Fence Top Electric Fence


Wall Top Electric Fence


Free Standing Electric Fence

Piggybacking Electric Fence - A1 Fence

Piggybacking Electric Fence


Agri Electric Fence

ELECTRIC FENCE System Architecture




Powerful yet Safe

The fence system adheres to IEC 6000335:2:76 standard which ensures that shock from the fence is safe but strong enough to create a psychological barrier for the intruder.


Intrusion Alarm

Any attempt to cut, short or tamper the wires is immediately detected and a zone wise alarm is generated. Power loss and communication failure is also detected and informed. Alarms are displayed through both local & remote audio visual notifications & also via SMS/Email.


Software Control & Integration

A sophisticated perimeter patrol software with a map based UI helps in monitoring and controlling the electric fence system zone wise. It also maintains an alarm log for post event analysis. The system can be integrated with industry leading video management softwares to connect PTZ cameras so that they cue to the zone where intrusion is detected.


Solar Ready (Optional)

The fence system can be powered with solar energy in regions where there is inconsistent or no mains power.


Adjustable sensitivity

The threshold for alarm sensitivity can be adjusted between the range 10% to 90% of the programmed output voltage. The missed pulse count can be adjusted from 1 pulse to 8 pulses ensuring that the alarm is raised only if voltage falls below threshold.


Multiple Zones

Entire Fence length can be split into multiple zones for understanding detection areas. Typically each side of a plot is configured as an independent zone. Recommended Zone lengths are of maximum 500 m.


Parameter Specification
Voltage 5000 - 9000 Volts
Energy 4 Joules / zone
Duration of Pulse 1.2 secs
Duration of shock 0.3 milli secs



Perimeter Security

Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Fence

How does an electric fence work?

Electric fences are made of several conducting wires that are attached to a device called the energizer. The voltage range is between 5000 – 9000 V. These fences usually come with an audio and visual alarm to warning the intruders.

Can electric fences be fatal?

Electric fences are designed in such a way that they produce strong enough power to stop intruders from trespassing, but not that strong cause any fatal injury or psychological damage. So, electric fences provide safety by being absolutely safe.

What are the types of electric fences available?

There are several types of fences available, but the most common types are agricultural electric fences, piggybacking fences, free-standing, wall top, and fence top electric fences.

When should I install an electric fence for best results?

Mostly, electric fences are used in high-security zones so that no intruders can come in, or no one can go out without permission. Places like prisons, airports, military installations, and keeping wild animals at bay.

What are the precautions I must take while installing an electric fence?

Electric fences can cause enough electromagnetic interference to cause nearby phones, radio, and TV signals if managed or maintained poorly. It is extremely important to maintain these fences and keep them in a good condition for maximum safety.