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Delay rated fences are strong high security fences that block the intrusion for a certain guaranteed period of time known as the “Delay time” or “Forced entry resistance time”. These fences are a result of comprehensive engineering & constant attention to detail thereby to be able to sustain impact from tools of different grades. The delay time helps in planning a quick response team to thwart the intrusion process. These fences are ASTM F2781-15 compliant. Delay testing is done under different usage of tools like:


using only hand tools


using light power tools


using powerful cutting tools

The 3 layered single panel AKAT fence - one of our most popular delay rated fences, provides ultimate protection for critical assets by providing a suitable minimum delay time. We also offer two other variants of delay rated fences - Spiral & Rakshak fence for specific applications.


certified resistant rating

Certified intrusion resistance rating

AKAT fences are ROP & ASTM compliant thus ensuring impact resistance against different tool grades. Our fences can give delay time between 5.5 mins to 30 mins under aggressive power tools depending on the variant.

strong security system

Strong Security System

The 3 layers of AKAT Fence include
- Anti Climb mesh panel (prevents easy climbing)
- RHS tube with proprietary infill (blunts the tool used on it)
- Flat Bars (imparts rigidity & strength)

abrasion corrosion resistant delay rated fence

Abrasion & Corrosion Resistance

AKAT fences are coated with Everbond coating with thickness upto 800 microns protecting the fence from abrasion due to friction from sand & from corrosion due to saline environment.


Product Name Post (mm) Height (meters) Width(mm) Coating Delay Time
AKAT 300-60 Alpha RHS - 120x60 2.5 - 6 2495 TPC 5.5 mins - 25 mins
AKAT Pro EP 2495 TPC
AKAT Pro 6 2438.4 TPC


Perimeter Security