Easy Installation

Ergonomic design helps in easy installation on the post & fence using UV rated zip ties.

Discrete & Compact

The small size of the sensor makes it difficult to spot by the intruder.

Customisable Sensitivity

A threshold sensitivity can be fixed depending on intrusion patterns , environmental conditions for accurate detection..


Certified with an IP67 protection rating & casing material suitable for a temperature range of -30°C to +60°C makes it ideal for different applications.

Software Integration Ready

Easy integration with leading video surveillance systems and PTZ cameras making it compatible with all.

Plug & Play

The sensor chain can be easily replaced as the entire system is modular and doesn’t require any special skills or tools for maintenance and repairs.


A-1 VIGIL can be integrated with industry leading surveillance monitoring softwares which helps in converting the sensor data into useful video output.


Sr No. Parameter Specification
1 Detection Range 2.5 Meters (on both sides)
2 Ingress Protection IP67
3 Operating Temperature -30 to +60
4 Power Consumption <60 Watts per Km


Assist Electronic Surveillance

Intrusion Detection