Barbed Wire Fence Features

barbed wire strong features


The double strand high tensile wire helps in resisting cutting of wires using pliers. These barbed wires also don’t elongate or shear during tension and retain their shape in winters and summers.

barbed wire increased security

Increased Security & Visibility

The 4 point IOWA barbs lock firmly in its place along the double strand twisted wires thereby Red barbs greatly improve the visibility which helps animal avoid collision and avoid damage to their hides.

barbed wire long life

Long Life

The high tensile twisted barbed wires are made with a minimum of 275 GSM heavy galvanized wires. The life can be further increased by opting for ECOZAL (Zn 90% + Al 10) which gives the best corrosion resistance on wires. Stainless steel wires with 304 & 316 grades are also available as an option in coastal areas. Surakshak plus red PVC barbs help in securing the most vulnerable areas susceptible to corrosion imparting longevity.



Once the fence posts are installed, the Barbed Wire simply needs to be stretched over the iron posts and eventually secured in place using brace caps. When working with Y-arms and concrete posts, the barbs are passed through the designated holes. Regardless of the pole type, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Barbed Wire Fences are fairly quick and convenient to install.



Regardless of the property that you are willing to protect, a Barbed Wire Fence can do the job just right, without you having to burn a hole in your pocket. Not only the fence itself but even the installation and maintenance prove to be fairly affordable!



Offering unbeatable value for money, Barbed Wire Fences can be easily termed as one of the most versatile fencing solutions that can be seamlessly used in all types of property – agricultural to industrial, residential to commercial and more!

Barbed Wire Fence FAQ's

What is the line wire diameter of a barbed wire fence?

Available in three configurations - 1.7 mm, 2 mm, 2.5 mm

What is the barb wire diameter?

Available in three configurations - 1.6mm, 2mm & 2.5 mm

What is the barb spacing?

Our standard configurations are 75 mm & 100 mm.

However, we have the capacity of manufacturing barb wire with a barb spacing of 125 mm, which is usually make to order

Which IS standard do you manufacture?

We manufacture IOWA standard barbed wires. However, we also have a BIS license with us.

Do you have standardized packing For Barbed Wire?

Yes, we do have proper packing standards for barb wires.

Do you have a uniform length for barbed wires?

Yes, we do have 200 m of fixed length for the barbed wires.


⇒   Red Barbs for Improved Visibility

⇒   Available in Galvanised as well as PVC Coated Finishes

⇒   Corrosion and Rust Resistant Wires

⇒   Smooth Finish for Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

⇒   Quick and Easy Installation

⇒   Long-Lasting Shine

⇒   Assured Quality - Coating thicknes & Tensile Strength Checked Before Dispatch

Why Surakshak Barbed Wire Fence?


Galvanized Barbed Wire

Parmeter Specifications Standard
Diameter 2/ 2.50 mm BS EN 10218-2
No. of Barb points 2.0 points & 4.0 points ASTM A121
Pitch 75mm, 100mm, 125mm & 150mm
Tensile Strength 350 N/mm2 - 550 N/mm2
Roll Length 200 Meters

PVC Coated Barbed Wire

Parmeter Specifications Standard
Diameter ID-1.40/OD-2.00mm &
BS EN 10218-2
No. of Barb points 2.0 points & 4.0 points ASTM A121
Pitch 75mm, 100mm, 125mm & 150mm
Tensile Strength 350 N/mm2 - 550 N/mm2
PVC Coating As per requirement BS EN 10245
Roll Length 200 Meters


Infrastructure Projects

Barbed Wire Fences are installed on Highways and along Railway Tracks amongst other infrastructure projects for enhanced protection.

Agricultural Projects

All types of agricultural lands right from cropland to orchards, from groves to vineyards, from nurseries to ornamental horticulture areas make use of Barbed Wire Fences to protect the property against intruders and wildlife.

Commercial and Industrial Projects

Barbed Wire Fences are installed in commercial or industrial premises, to safeguard them from wandering strays as well as from intruders.

Prisons and Jails

In most cases, Prison Walls are adorned with Barbed Wire fencing as a way to check prisoners from attempting illicit escapes.


Barbed Wire Fences are largely used on training grounds for armed personnel, as this type of fencing helps simulate various combat conditions. Moreover, this fencing is also used in numerous team building exercises.

Applications of A-1 Surakshak Barbed Wire