What is an Ideal Perimeter Security System?

What is an Ideal Perimeter Security System?

Investing much thought and time in designing an effective perimeter fencing system is rarely done throughout most of the world barring certain regions which are more susceptible to intrusion and theft. As such, the process of designing perimeter security is mostly reactive, varies from ...

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A-1 Fence successfully completing 2 years of continuous operation of its integrated surveillance system for the borders

a-1 fence on Indian boarders

The Indian army is guarding one of the most active and turbulent sections of any International border (The Line of Control). The LOC area requires the highest level of security and surveillance to the art the attempts of intruders.  The Indian army is always on the lookout for the righ ...

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What Is Perimeter Fencing? Benefits of Having Fencing Systems

What Is Perimeter Fencing?

Criminals and unwanted visitors entering your property, damaging it, or running off with your valuable stuff is the last thing you would wish. And that’s where you start to think of wrapping it up in cotton wool. Are you thinking of keeping a watchdog to watch over that huge property? ...

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Should The Wires Be Connected in Series or Parallel For Security Electric Fence?

Should The Wires Be Connected in Series Wiring or Parallel Wiring For Security Electric Fence?

Parallel wiring due to its low sensitivity and low resistance is often used for agricultural fencing, while series wiring ensures high sensitivity clubbed with high resistance which makes it ideal for commercial purposes. However, there are many more differences between the two types o ...

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Benefits of Having Honeycomb Fence over Chainlink Fence

benefits of honeycomb fence

While commuting has become a way of life, it is also one of the most hazardous activities that most of us humans have to endure on a day to day basis. Even when all vehicles are following the rules, which only seldom happens, there are a lot of other ways which lead to major road ...

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Security Electric Fences: World’s Most Efficient Intrusion Detection System

security electric fences

Every property – be it residential or commercial – needs to be protected from intruders and trespassers. And fencing is one of the most efficient tools for providing that security. A-1 Fence provides complete protection from intruders while adding aesthetic value to your property.&nbsp ...

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Why Anti-Climb Fence Is The Preferred High-Security Fencing Option?

anti-climb fence

While there are numerous fencing solutions out there, when a facility needs an impenetrable fence, they often opt for an anti-climb weldmesh, and not without some compelling reasons. If you too happen to be interested in knowing these reasons, you’re at the right place. But first, let ...

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A-1 Surakshak – The Only Barbed Wire Fence You’ll Ever Need

A-1 Surakshak – The Only Barbed Wire Fence

30-Second Summary: A-1 Surakshak™ is a range of premium quality barbed wire fence. Barbed wire fences are made using double-strand high tensile steel wire. This makes it near impossible to cut these wires using pliers, thus ensuring the safety of the property. The barbed wires stay fir ...

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Benefits of Chain Link Fences that you Ought to Know

benefits of chain link fence

30-Second Summary: Chain link fences are one of the most widely used fencing solutions for both, commercial and residential. The flexibility and the sheer structure of the chain link fence make it rather easy for the fence to be stretched across rugged mountainous terrain, making it mu ...

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Why Decorative Twin Wire Mesh Fence is the Strongest Aesthetic Demarcation Solution?

twin wire mesh

30-Second Summary: In general, a twin wire mesh fence features two 8mm horizontal wires, which sandwich 6mm vertical wire is 65mm x 200mm. They are also used for safety as well as the main perimeter, parking lots, public buildings and airports. The wire mesh has a unique characteristic ...

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