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FenSense™ - World's 1st Truly Integrated Perimeter Security Solution

FenSense™ is a state-of-the-art product that combines physical security fences with cutting-edge intrusion detection electronic technologies to offer unparalleled security and protection to your property.
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About FenSense™

FenSense™ is a unique integrated perimeter security solution where the fence is a part of sensing mechanism. FenSense™ works on FICID (Fence Impedance Characterization for Intrusion Detection) algorithm (patent applied) in which changes in the signal through fence is constantly monitored to detect any attempted cut or climbing intrusion. It is a novel solution in which the fence structure - Mesh and Razor coils are itself a part of the sensing system, thereby making it completely discreet as no additional sensors are visible.

FenSense™ is easy to install and can be customized to fit the specific requirements a property. Whether there is a need to secure industrial facility, commercial establishment, or residential property, FenSense™ has got all covered.

Fensense: Intrusion Detection System by A1-Fence

FenSense™ has three important D's of Security



The proven Honeycomb Mesh acts like a very strong physical barrier.

Security Fencing Solutions


The most popular fence deterrent, Concertina Coil also acts as the main deterrent in FenSense™ system.

Intrusion Detection


The Honeycomb Mesh and Razor Coils are a part of the Sensing System that give alarm and accurate location of the intrusion attempts.

How FenSense™ Detects Intrusion?

When the intrusion is detected by climbing or any other form of disturbance:

FICID Algorithm decides if the detection signature matches intrusion activity and transmits data to the Fence-PCB to alarm data wirelessly via adjacent sensors to the sensor master.

Sensor Master raises a local Audio Visual alarm and converts the alarm information received wireless into TCP/IP format and further transmits it into core communication backbone via a network switch.

The A-1 Vigil software receives the alarm data via the core communication backbone and provides accurate location of intrusion attempt over a map based UI along with AV alarm.


Long life

Superior raw material and Ny-Pro coating ensures protection against corrosion and wear, making it a long-lasting security solution.

Cutting-edge intrusion detection

FenSense™'s Integrity Sensor and advanced technology provides highly effective intrusion detection.

Customizable and easy to install

Multiple height options and easy fixtures makes it ideal for any property type.

Weather-resistant design

FenSense™ is weather-resistant due to the use of potted electronics and Ny-Pro Coating.

Zero False Alarm

FenSense™'s FICID algorithm accurately detects intrusion, ensuring zero false alarms due to its adjustable sensitivity.

Easy on-site repair

Our easy-to-use repair kit lets you fix cuts on-site quickly and easily, without any special skills or training.

IP67 Rating

The intrusion detection system is IP67 rated providing water and dust protection.

Easy & Fast Communication

The Fence-PCB create a self-aligning wireless mesh network for easy & fast communication.


System can be configured in redundant mode to address single point of failure.

Compact & Discrete

The Fence-PCB is uniquely compact and discrete, thus allowing it to be mounted easily.

High Accuracy

Fence-PCB can detect any disturbances with their advanced algorithms.

Third Party Integration

The system can be integrated with third party softwares through API.

Compontents of FenSense™



MeshSense® Smart Fabric

MeshSense® Smart Fabric consists A Ny-Pro coated Honeycomb fabric acting as the sensing element with termination beams at each end for connection with Fence-PCB.

Security Fencing Solutions


RazorSense® is a Concertina Coils with Ny-Pro coated core wire acting as the sensing element. It has end termination boxes which provisions for connections with Fence-PCB.

Intrusion Detection


Fence Power and Communication Box is the IP67 rated sensing device which takes care of power, communication, detects deformation, cut, lift & displace and climb intrusion activities.

Applications of FenSense™

FenSense™ for Sea Ports
 Sea Ports
FenSense™ for Defense & Border Security
FenSense™ for Data Centers
 Data Centers
FenSense™ for IT Parks
 IT Parks
FenSense™ for Factory
FenSense™ for Railway Tracks
 Railway Tracks
FenSense™ for Expressways
FenSense™ for Airports
FenSense™ for Residential Buildings
 Residential Buildings