How does the Intrusion Detection System Works

Working of Liminal-F Intrusion Detection System

Intrusion Behaviour

Intruder Behaviour of threat attempts


Deployment of Liminal-F intrusion detection system on the Fence

Deployment of Liminal-F intrusion detection system under the ground

Deployment of Liminal-F intrusion detection system on the wall

Our System Variants

Our fibre optics perimeter intrusion detection system comes in two different variants dual-zone and & multi-zone.

Liminal-F DZ Liminal-F MZ
Outdoor Control Box IP67 19”4U Rack Mountable
2 Device Optical connectors: FC/APC
Dry Contact Alarm Output (NO/NC) 2,4,8 to 16 Zones
TCP/IP Interface Dry Contact Output Zone Wise (NO/NC)
TCP/IP Interface
Dual Zone Fiber Optic PIDS Multi-Zone Fiber Optic PIDS

System Characteristics

  1. The system senses the changes in motion, vibration, and pressure. These changes are received and processed by the intelligent algorithms inside the device along with a management software.

  1. For deployment, the perimeter can be segregated into manageable zone lengths. Upto 16 zones can be monitored through a single hardware device and will be managed by a single instance of management software.
  1. The Liminal-F is available in two variants - DZ and MZ. Liminal-F DZ is a compact all-in-one system suitable for 2 zones. It is housed in an IP-67 grade enclosure allowing itself to be mounted directly on the fence/wall.

  1. Liminal-F MZ is designed to be modular. It is a standard 19-inch 4u rack mountable version with several slots for add-on cards. One unit with 8 pairs of optical Transmitter and Receivers add-on cards can cater up to 16 zones. When the number of zones is fewer than 16, the requisite number of add-on cards need to be mounted into the enclosure.
  1. The system is equipped with NO/NC dry contacts which enables a wide range of security equipment to link up with the system. It can also be connected to external alarm units or surveillance mechanisms. Upon triggering a TAMPER or INTRUDER signal, the Liminal-F communication and monitoring unit will exercise the NO/ NC contacts to perform its respective tasks.
  1. Liminal-F is accompanied with a system software for the device operation, zone management, alarm indication and warning system to provide real-time alert of the intrusion attempt. It also allows the system to adapt itself to function effectively in the face of changing environmental conditions such as rain, wind and/or vibration caused b y undulations of the nearby trees.
  1. Single mode fiber is used in Liminal-F system for communication as well as detection.

  1. The management software allows zone configuration, mapping and real time monitoring over a LAN network. Alarm Handling software is centralized to manage multiple devices over a LAN network.








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