Can Electric Fences Be Used in Homes?

Can Electric Fences Be Used in Homes?

Electric fences are one of the most popular intrusion detection tools used across the world, especially in industrial areas and large farms. They are extremely easy to install and m ... Read More

benefits of honeycomb fence

Benefits of Having Honeycomb Fence over Chainlink Fence

While commuting has become a way of life, it is also one of the most hazardous activities that most of us humans have to endure on a day to day basis. Even when all vehicles are fol ... Read More

liminal-f featured image

Liminal-F | Fibre Optic Based Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (FO-PIDS)

What is Liminal-F?  First things first.  The principle on which this advanced perimeter intrusion detection system is based is the interference of light signals travelling ... Read More

security electric fences

Security Electric Fences: World’s Most Efficient Intrusion Detection System

Every property – be it residential or commercial – needs to be protected from intruders and trespassers. And fencing is one of the most efficient tools for providing that security. ... Read More

anti-climb fence

Why Anti-Climb Fence Is The Preferred High-Security Fencing Option?

While there are numerous fencing solutions out there, when a facility needs an impenetrable fence, they often opt for an anti-climb weldmesh, and not without some compelling reasons ... Read More

A-1 Surakshak – The Only Barbed Wire Fence

A-1 Surakshak – The Only Barbed Wire Fence You’ll Ever Need

30-Second Summary: A-1 Surakshak™ is a range of premium quality barbed wire fence. Barbed wire fences are made using double-strand high tensile steel wire. This makes it near imposs ... Read More

benefits of chain link fence

Benefits of Chain Link Fences that you Ought to Know

30-Second Summary: Chain link fences are one of the most widely used fencing solutions for both, commercial and residential. The flexibility and the sheer structure of the chain lin ... Read More

twin wire mesh

Why Decorative Twin Wire Mesh Fence is the Strongest Aesthetic Demarcation Solution?

30-Second Summary: In general, a twin wire mesh fence features two 8mm horizontal wires, which sandwich 6mm vertical wire is 65mm x 200mm. They are also used for safety as well as t ... Read More