A-1 Fence has been into providing fencing solutions since 1998 starting with a simple razor coil and selling a single product to a single customer. Today we have come a long way with exports to more than 50 countries and establishing office and manufacturing plants in the Middle East. Until 2012 A1  had been only a 100% export oriented company with one plant in India only, after 2012 we started selling in India not only to the Indian Defence but also to the private housing, industries and government sector successfully. We have proven our proficiency in protecting a wide range of sectors, be it the borders or a small house. 

Our continuous on the field interaction has been our strength that we don’t sell fencing, we provide solutions.

The Indian army’s main concern was the fences along the line of control that used to come down in heavy snowfall. More than 50% of the fencing gets damaged every year so the requirement was to rebuild it.

The qualitative requirement  was that the fence has to withstand heavy snow in a mountainous area where the slope elevation is also high. To deliver this challenging requirement many companies and suppliers installed their products and one of our models was chosen. 2kms of fencing was installed as an initial order that successfully stood one snow season, the failure rate being 10% compared to the regular failure rate of about 60%. With the feeling of great pride we went for bulk fencing and have been continuously supplying to the army since then. 

Similarly there was another challenge from CPWD for the international border under BSF to develop fencing which can withstand corrosion in the highly corrosive environment where we took inputs from multiple R&D institutes for the coating and successfully provided it. We developed Garrison fencing for the army for multiple garrisons and supplied around 300-350 kms of fencing across India.

There are certain critical locations where the army requires more than just the high-security welded mesh fencing where the intrusion chances are higher and protection is crucial. Despite the alarm system some locations are critical where the action needs to be taken in a minimum timespan and it may not always be possible. The minimum delay that the fence provides is the time taken between the alarm alert and the time taken to reach the place of intrusion.

Fences For Borders

Our experience in designing and providing delay rated fence for our Middle East customers like the UAE Army, Royal Oman Police, Oil and Gas installations in Oman has given us the right designs to start with. We have gone through the process of designing the right type of fencing, getting it tested and certified  by International Certification Agencies as per ASTM standards.

The intrusion in the LC fence happens mainly by cutting through the fence and not climbing over the fence, the tools used are mainly heavy duty hand cutters or gas cutters and not motorized cutters. Based on these we designed a fence that offers more than 2 hours of time to cut a hole in the fence using hand tools and anything between 10 – 25 minutes using power tools.

Our sheer predominance has resulted in a wide range of fencing to offer from 5.5 minutes to 21 minutes of delay even for aggressive tools. Listening to the problems of our customers and our on ground experience has been our strength and has helped us tremendously in providing the right solution for every situation. All  the solutions offered so far have been well appreciated by our users. 

Our delay rated fences are at the summit of providing high security and our ‘Endeavour to provide the right solutions to our customers is continuing’.