While commuting has become a way of life, it is also one of the most hazardous activities that most of us humans have to endure on a day to day basis. Even when all vehicles are following the rules, which only seldom happens, there are a lot of other ways which lead to major road accidents. 

These include, but are not limited to – Unauthorised pedestrian crossing, stray, domestic or wild animals crossing the road, and in some cases, vehicles trying to take a shortcut as a result of the absence of any visible road signs or demarcations. 

Since this problem has been out there for quite some time, solutions such as road median fence, edge fence, and row fence have been put in place. However, most of these solutions are limited by their hefty initial investment, low durability and high maintenance costs. 

This is the reason most of them are not financially viable, at least over the long run. 

Chain Link Fence for Highway Fencing System

Over the past few years, yet another type of fencing solution called Chain Link Fence has been put to use in this regard. 

This woven fence, made using galvanized steel wire runs vertically is bent into a zig-zag pattern at regular intervals, wherein the “zig” hooks with the wire on one side and the “zag” with the wire on the other. 

Limitations of Chain Link Fence 

Albeit more effective than the other solutions and currently one of the most widely used chain link fences have some inherent limitations. 

This includes the 3mm diameter which can prove to be fragile in some severe circumstances. Moreover, the non-customisable standard 50 x 50 or 75 x 75 mm mesh size with barbed wire may render chain link fences useless for certain specific purposes. 

Introducing Honeycomb® Fence

As the name suggests, Honeycomb® Fence can is essentially a hexagonal shaped demarcation fence characterised by a triple twist mesh. It is this twist mesh that imparts the Honeycomb® Fence with its exceptional strength. 

Technical Specifications of Honeycomb® Fence

The Galvanised Wire Diameters of Honeycomb® Fence are as follows – 

  • Mesh Wire Diameter 2.5 mm
  • Salvage Wire Diameter 3.1 mm

The PVC Coated Wire Diameters of Honeycomb® Fence are as follows – 

  • Core diameter of Galvanised Wire:2.7 mm as per BS EN 10223-6: 1998
  • After coating wire diameter: 3.7 mm
  • Tolerance as per BS 4102: 1998

Zinc coating on the core wire: Class A (min 240 GSM)

Advantages of Honeycomb® Fence 

In addition to being highly robust, Honeycomb® Fence comes with a wide array of advantages including –

Availability in Three Sizes

Since this fence type is available in three distinct sizes, viz. – 60 x 80 mm, 80 x 100 mm, and 100 x 120 mm Honeycomb® Fence can be easily used for custom purposes, without having to compromise on size, quality, or price. 

Bigger Mesh Without Getting Deformed Under Tension

Due to the triple twist, the mesh of the Honeycomb® Fence retains its hexagonal shape even under tension. This allows the use of a bigger mesh size than chain link for various applications. 

Bigger Mesh with Better Structural Stability and Strength

There is no doubt about the fact that Honeycomb is one of the most stable structural fences. Since this fence is capable of dispersing the force from impact uniformly in all directions, opting for a bigger mesh size of 100 x 120 is highly feasible. 

Economical yet Efficient

Right from bigger mesh sizes making it appropriate for roadways to lighter poles rendering it ideal for easy installation, Honeycomb Mesh wins the war on all fronts, making it far more efficient than Chain Link Fence. What’s more, Honeycomb also happens to be more economical concerning both upfront installation and long term maintenance. 

Simply put – Economical and Efficient are the two synonyms of Honeycomb® Fence.

Better Performance under Single Wire Break

Thanks to its complex structure, a single wire break has little to no impact on a Honeycomb Fence. Neither does such a break result in any loss in strength, nor does it cause a gap in the fence. This is because of the triple twist structure in the honeycomb mesh. This, however, is not the case with Chain Link Fence which easily starts experiencing a bigger and bigger gap as soon as there is tension in the fence due to a wire break as it has only a single twist.

Smaller and Lighter poles

Due to the triple twist design, honeycomb mesh is semi-rigid, semiflexible, and can therefore easily stand on its own. This ensures that there is no significant horizontal force on the supporting poles. 

Hence, the poles used for Honeycomb® Fence can be comparatively lighter and smaller than that used for Chain Link Fence. Subsequently, such poles prove to be easy to handle and install, and more importantly invariably cost-effective. 


Honeycomb® Fence is available in multiple coating options depending upon the environmental and site conditions, which enables it to combat corrosion, thereby enhancing its overall lifespan.  

Why Choose A-1 Fence Products for Honeycomb® Fence?

While there are numerous varieties of honeycomb fences available in the market, opting for A- 1 Fence Products’ Honeycomb® Fence has some unrivaled advantages. These include – 

Best Quality PVC Wire

A-1 Fence uses UV stabilized PVC compounds that are glued to the galvanized wire increasing its life considerably. Gluing ensures that neither moisture nor air enters the gap between PVC and GI wire, making it both robust and durable.

Impeccable Design for Efficient Installation

A-1 Fence system design includes Powder coated structures that are completely modular and do not require any welding, painting and fabrication on-site which increases the life of the system and reduces installation cost while increasing installation speed

India’s Largest Honeycomb Fence Manufacturer

A-1 Fence is India’s largest Chain link and Honeycomb Fence manufacturer with large automated machines, making it the go-to provider for all fencing needs. 

We hope that you now have more than just a fair idea of some of the unmatched advantages of using Honeycomb Fences, especially when it comes to demarcation and the safety of roadways. For what it’s worth, our competent team at A-1 Fence Products is more than ready to assist you with all your Honeycomb Fence needs, while giving due consideration to your specific applications, preferences, and budget.