The Indian army is guarding one of the most active and turbulent sections of any International border (The Line of Control). The LOC area requires the highest level of security and surveillance to the art the attempts of intruders. 

The Indian army is always on the lookout for the right solution for the line of control as there are multiple challenges to adhere to. The very first project was for the upgrade of the existing line of control fencing. The requirement was of a robust fence that could offer higher levels of deterrence and delay and more importantly withstand the snow accumulation in the high altitudes.

A-1 fence proactively worked in the project and provided multiple designs to meet this QR and also supplied more than 200 kms of fencing for the line of control. We have been demonstrating multiple capabilities and multiple products to the Army ever since.

In 2017/18 surfaced the requirement of a more critical and completely integrated solution with 4 tier surveillance for the LOC area. A1 fence geared up and provided for a complete electronic security solution.

The offered solution included the following:

  • Advance warning system using Seismic Sensors and radars to give early warning on the approach of the intruder.
  • Capability for detecting intrusion through tunnels and tunnel detecting attempts.
  • Capability for filling the gaps in fence line as well as remote monitoring of paths on ridges across.
  • Near fence line detection using fixed dual sensor (Optical+thermal) rugged cameras with built-in AI algorithms to detect human intrusions
  • Final warning systems to detect actual tampering of the fence by using fence mounted advanced vibration sensors which detect cutting, tampering or climbing on the fence.
  • Tracking of the intruder on cue from any of the sensors by using long range dual sensor (Optical+Thermal) rugged PTZ cameras.
  • Integrated with easy to use Command Control software with displays in a control room.

The system design takes care of the rough operating environments and handling by offering rugged system components with very user friendly software and GUI.

Most importantly it takes care of the very poor power supply conditions in the field. Every electronic system requires a good power supply but what if the power supply is not good enough especially in remote areas? The system is provided with 48 hr battery backup using solar charging, standby generator as well as charging provision from the main supply whenever available. Ensuring no power interruption the system possesses proper earthing and lightning protection. 

This comprehensive system has been installed in multiple locations and tested including plains, water logged and high snowbound areas.

The best part is that these installations are backed by 24X7X365 onsite support by our dedicated team of engineers and technicians with a 2 year warranty and 3 year comprehensive AMC after that,

Many such pilot projects have been taken up by the Defence forces for the border areas, in the last few years. We can proudly say that our installation is the only project which has been continuously working for the last two and a half years. We have been taking regular feedback to provide better service always.

Surveillance system for the borders

In all it is a complex and highly technology-oriented integrated surveillance solution with built-in AI that can be easily operated by the operators on the ground.

The system has the AI capability built at the edge of all the system components. It is completely modular and scalable. Depending on the terrain and threat perception, the customer can choose to select any one or two or all the technologies.

We thank our customers for giving us this opportunity to work in the most prestigious and critical project required for the security of the Nation.

Jaihind! 🇮🇳