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Welcome to A-1 Fence Africa – Your Trusted Partner in Perimeter Security Solutions

Our journey through Africa has been nothing short of remarkable. With sucessful supplies done to East & West African countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Somalia, Mozambique, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Senegal, Côte d'Ivoire, Liberia, Mali and Guinea, we've already woven our threads into this continent but we want to extend our reach further by doing much more. We recognize the immense potential that lies within the heart of Africa's development. With our cutting-edge products, that cater to all types of security in diverse industries like Oil & Gas, Construction, Mining, Renewable Energy, Transportation we aim to contribute to the growth and prosperity of Africa over all.

Our commitment doesn't end with products, A-1 Fence will go the extra mile by providing the relevant knowledge and training to empower and equip individuals with the right education and skills. We aim to provide not just security but also experience and exposure to the people of Africa.

A-1 Fence started its journey in 1998 in Mumbai, India. From humble beginnings, we set out to revolutionize the fencing market with an unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality and innovative perimeter security solutions. Our story began with the manufacturing and export of concertina coils, but our dedication to customer satisfaction paved the way for exponential growth and an extensive product range.Our commitment to producing certified, high-quality products forms the bedrock of our business and today, with 25+ years in the industry, we stand as a global leader in the field. Our fences stand guard over a diverse array of perimeters, ranging from international borders and government infrastructures to industries, factories, roads, highways, farmlands, and commercial and residential buildings. We offer end-to-end support for installation and maintenance across 5 continents and in more than 50 countries like India, MENA region, USA, UK, Australia, Spain, France, Guatemala, Poland, etc.

On this exciting journey in Africa, we invite you to join hands with A-1 Fence and be part of a brighter, more secure future. Discover the A-1 Fence difference and experience the warmth of our commitment to your security and prosperity.

Industries & Solutions

Securing Africa’s Oil & Gas Future with A-1 Fence Perimeter Solutions!

In the vast, resource-rich expanse of Africa's Oil & Gas sector, security is not just a priority—it's a critical necessity. These sites are often prone to theft, damage, even disasters and strong fencing is the first line of defense to keep these issues away. A-1 Fence, the perimeter security specialist, understands the challenges and the role of fencing in addressing them. We offer comprehensive security solutions that go beyond traditional fencing, enabling efficient and effective security for the Oil & Gas industry. Our security systems adhere to industry standards and safety regulations while offering long-lasting security. Our experience in African markets means we understand the specific security challenges you face.

Securing Africa’s Oil & Gas Future with A-1 Fence Perimeter Solutions!


A-1 AKAT NG 30: Fortifying Africa's Oil & Gas Perimeter Security

A-1 AKAT NG 30: Fortifying Africa's Oil & Gas Perimeter Security

A-1 AKAT NG 30 Delay Rated Fence is a special type of rigid weldmesh high-security fence system that provides a prolonged intrusion time, effectively protecting critical areas and infrastructure. Its reinforced design provides a delay time ranging from 6.4 to 31.7 mins depending on the threat level. This cut-resistant fence is a robust security system that exhibits excellent resistance to abrasion and corrosion. A-1 AKAT NG 30 is not just a fence; it's a security solution. It serves as an effective deterrent against unauthorized access, providing peace of mind and security for your Oil & Gas assets and operations. It delivers extended intrusion resistance, exceptional durability, and robust protection, making it the ideal choice for fortifying your critical infrastructure.

A-1 Alcazar Anti-Vehicle Barrier

A-1 Alcazar Anti-Vehicle Barrier: Fortifying Oil & Gas Security in Africa

A-1 FENCE takes pride in being one of the few companies in the world that offer both ROPE & BEAM Anti-Vehicle Barrier that are tested to offer a high level of protection against hostile vehicles. Capable of stopping an oncoming vehicle weighing up to 6.8 tons, traveling at a speed of 50 mph within a penetration distance of 1m, A-1 Alcazar Anti-Vehicle Barrier is HCIS Compliant with the Crash rating of ASTM F-2656 M50 P1. The Anti-Vehicle Barrier System deploys a continuous cable or beam system strategically to create an unbroken line of defense around the protected area. In the competitive and demanding Oil & Gas sector in Africa, A-1 Alcazar Anti-Vehicle Barrier is your ultimate security solution. Its exceptional impact resistance, continuous defense, and controlled access ensure that your assets remain protected, and your operations remain secure.

A-1 Alcazar Road Blocker: Safeguarding Africa's Oil & Gas Industry

A-1 Alcazar Road Blocker: Safeguarding Africa's Oil & Gas Industry

A-1 Fence has developed an innovative crash-rated wedge barrier that is unparalleled in its ability to immobilize a large, high-speed vehicle. This advanced technology ensures maximum security against unwanted vehicle access with a capability of stopping an oncoming vehicle weighing up to 6.8 tons, traveling at a speed of 50 mph within a penetration distance of 1m. A long-standing cornerstone of perimeter security, our Road Blocker is engineered to be an indispensable tool for safeguarding critical facilities, and it plays a crucial role in enhancing the Anti-terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) measures. This Road Blocker aligns with Africa's safety and security regulations, ensuring that your Oil & Gas site remains protected and compliant.

A-1 Alcazar Crash Beam Barrier

A-1 Alcazar Crash Beam Barrier: Safeguarding Africa's Oil & Gas Perimeter

A-1 Alcazar Crash Beam Barrier stands as the ultimate defense, providing a physical barrier that controls and restricts access to secure areas.It serves as a robust physical deterrent, creating an imposing presence that reinforces your security system. With a crash rating of ASTM F2656 M50 P1, this barrier is built to withstand the impact of a vehicle weighing up to 6.8 tons, traveling at a speed of 50 mph, within a penetration distance of just 1m. This level of protection is crucial in an industry where unauthorized access is a major concern. In the competitive and security-driven world of Oil & Gas in Africa, A-1 Alcazar Crash Beam Barrier is your ultimate security solution.

A-1 Alcazar Static Bollard: Elevating Oil & Gas Perimeter Security in Africa

A-1 Alcazar Static Bollard: Elevating Oil & Gas Perimeter Security in Africa

In the dynamic and security-critical environment of Africa's Oil & Gas industry A-1 Alcazar Static Bollard emerges as the ultimate choice. These top-tier bollards are precision-engineered to provide unmatched protection against vehicular threats, ensuring the highest level of confidence in perimeter security. Designed and crafted to surpass even the strict ASTM-F2656 standards, A-1 Alcazar Static Bollards achieve a remarkable crash rating of M50 P1. The M50 P1 crash rating is a testament to the outstanding ability of stopping an oncoming vehicle weighing 7.2 tons, traveling at a speed of 50 mph within a penetration distance of 1m. This elevated level of security ensures that your Oil & Gas facility remains safeguarded against potential threats.

Securing Africa's Renewable Energy Sector with A-1 Fence Perimeter Solutions

In the competitive and vital world of renewable energy across Africa, security is paramount. A-1 Fence ensures that your renewable energy site remains secure, efficient, and compliant, allowing you to focus on harnessing the power of renewable energy for a sustainable future. Renewable energy sites, from solar farms to wind energy installations, are often situated in remote areas and are prone to disruption. This is where robust fencing steps in- Fencing creates an unmistakable boundary that deters unauthorized entry, making it the first line of defense for your renewable energy site. It provides a protective shield for the valuable equipment and infrastructure, shielding them from damage, theft, and tampering. With our extensive experience in African markets, we understand the unique challenges that renewable energy sites face and tailor the solutions accordingly.


Honeycomb Fence: Fortifying Renewable Energy Security in Africa

Honeycomb Fence is a hexagonal-shaped demarcation fence, reinforced with a triple twist mesh, engineered to provide unparalleled perimeter security. The triple twist mesh of Honeycomb Fence is stronger than most traditional woven fences, ensuring that your renewable energy site remains safeguarded. With a long lifespan and resistance to intentional cutting or accidental wire breakage, this fence offers lasting security. Even if individual wires are compromised, the structural integrity of the mesh remains unaffected and the structure evenly distributes the impact along the entire mesh, minimizing the risk of breaches and ensuring comprehensive protection. Honeycomb Fence is available with multiple coating options to combat corrosion, ensuring that it remains effective in diverse environmental conditions. Its strength, structural integrity, uniform impact resistance, and adaptability make it the ideal choice for safeguarding renewable energy sites.

Liminal-K: Elevating Renewable Energy Perimeter Security in Africa

In the expanding realm of Africa's renewable energy sector, security is a vital component for success, and Liminal-K takes center stage as the guardian of your site's perimeter. This compact vibration detection system is engineered to provide unmatched security by sensing intrusion attempts like climbing, cutting, or breaking, and promptly generating alarms. Liminal-K is equipped with MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Sensor) technology, offering pinpoint accuracy in detecting intrusions on fences or walls. It leaves no room for security breaches. It ensures redundancy at every stage, from the sensor level to the control panel level and even at the network level, guaranteeing that your site's security remains intact. Certified with an IP67 protection rating and constructed from materials suitable for a temperature range of -30°C to +60°C, Liminal-K thrives in diverse environmental conditions, ensuring reliability. Liminal-K effortlessly integrates with leading video surveillance systems and PTZ cameras, enhancing your site's overall security infrastructure.

Liminal-F: Reinventing Renewable Energy Perimeter Security in Africa

Liminal-F emerges as the guardian of your perimeter, employing robust and highly reliable fiber-optic technology to sense intrusion attempts like climbing, cutting, or breaking, and instantly generating alarms using ACTIVE Detection. Liminal-F is built on advanced fiber-optic technology, ensuring precise and dependable intrusion detection. It senses changes in motion, vibration, and pressure with unwavering accuracy. The device incorporates intelligent algorithms that process the data received from changes in the environment, enabling quick and accurate detection of intrusion attempts. The system software simplifies device operation and zone management, enabling real-time alerts, making security management efficient and reliable. In Africa, where remote renewable energy sites are vulnerable to intrusion, Liminal-F's sensitivity ensures that any unauthorized access attempts are instantly detected.

FenSense™: Pioneering Perimeter Security for Africa's Renewable Energy Sector

FenSense™ stands at the forefront, offering a revolutionary approach to perimeter security. FenSense™ is not just a fence; it's a truly integrated perimeter security solution. It combines the physical structure of the fence with advanced intrusion detection technology, ensuring comprehensive protection. Operating on the groundbreaking FICID (Fence Impedance Characterization for Intrusion Detection) algorithm (patent applied), FenSense™ continuously monitors signal changes within the fence to detect any attempted intrusion, whether through cutting or climbing. The discreet nature of FenSense™ ensures that your security measures remain hidden, deterring intruders and enhancing the overall effectiveness of your security system. Renewable energy sites in Africa vary in size and layout, and FenSense™ can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your property, making it a versatile and adaptable choice.

Ensuring Safe Journeys: A-1 Fence's Perimeter Security for Africa's Transportation Industry

A-1 Fence, a trusted manufacturer of perimeter security solutions, takes pride in playing a pivotal role in fortifying transportation perimeters, enhancing the safety of travelers, cargo, and infrastructure. We offer a diverse range of security solutions, each customizable to meet the unique needs of Africa's transportation industry. A-1 Fence solutions are designed not only to deter potential threats but also to detect and respond to any unauthorized activities, providing a layered approach to security. We offer tailored solutions to match your specific needs, whether you're securing a bustling airport, a busy seaport, or a vital roadway.


Woven Gabions: Guardians of Africa's Transportation Perimeters

A-1 Fence's Woven Gabions emerge as the silent sentinels, providing unmatched protection against the unpredictable forces of nature, making them an ideal choice for securing transportation perimeters. Woven Gabions are constructed from a hexagonal-shaped mesh with a double twist, engineered to withstand extreme earth pressure when filled with stones. The unique hexagonal mesh structure ensures efficient distribution of tensions along the wires, making Woven Gabions a robust solution for transportation security. The double twist design not only adds to the overall strength but also prevents accidental wire breakage from spreading to adjacent mesh, ensuring the longevity of the gabions. The variety of coatings available enhances the longevity and resilience of Woven Gabions, making them a cost-effective and reliable security solution.

Guardrails: Ensuring Safety and Security on Africa's Transportation Network

In Africa's expansive transportation network, ensuring highway safety is imperative. Guardrails are a key element in achieving this objective. A-1 Fence's Guardrails emerge as the protectors, offering robust protection against vehicular collisions and ensuring the security of both human lives and critical assets. These metal barrier Crash Rated guardrails are crafted from high-grade steel, ensuring the strength and durability necessary to withstand vehicular impact. Guardrails are specifically engineered for highway safety, with the primary objectives of preventing vehicles from leaving the carriageway and minimizing risks to passengers during impacts. The beams and posts of Guardrails are hot dip galvanized, significantly extending their lifespan, and ensuring they remain undamaged for up to a decade. With Guardrails in place, you're not just securing the perimeter; you're ensuring the safety and well-being of all who traverse Africa's roads and highways.

Deco Panels: Where Aesthetics Meet Transportation Security in Africa

A-1 Fence's Deco Panels offer a unique and innovative solution, fusing style, strength, and customization to provide an elegant and secure perimeter for critical transportation infrastructure. The unique twin wire welded structure, crafted with 8 mm diameter wires, imparts exceptional strength and rigidity to the fence, making it a reliable choice for safeguarding transportation perimeters. The ability to customize decorative patterns allows for a tailored and eloquent look that suits the specific requirements of each transportation site. Deco Panels are versatile and can be utilized in various transportation contexts, from highways to railways, airports, and more.

Securing Africa's Construction Sector with A-1 Fence Perimeter Solutions

Construction sites are a hive of activity, bustling with equipment, materials, and personnel. Ensuring that these sites remain secure is not just about protecting assets but also about maintaining safety and minimizing potential disruptions. Fencing proves to be the essential component for security as it creates a clear boundary and serves as the first layer of defense, controlling who can enter and exit the site thereby reducing the risk of accidents and injuries on-site. We provide comprehensive training for your team, empowering them with the knowledge and skills to operate and maintain the security systems effectively. A-1 Fence plays a pivotal role in ensuring that your construction sites remain safeguarded.


UNICO FENCE: Elevating Construction Industry Perimeter Security in Africa

UNICO FENCE takes center stage as a modern aesthetic solution that not only enhances security but also adds a touch of sophistication to your construction projects. The modular design of UNICO FENCE ensures flexibility in configuration, allowing it to adapt to the unique layout and security needs of your construction sites. In the competitive and forward-thinking world of construction in Africa, UNICO FENCE redefines perimeter security. Its aesthetic appeal, technological innovation, modularity, and sustainability principles make it the perfect choice for safeguarding construction sites. With UNICO FENCE, you're not just securing your perimeter; you're elevating your projects.

Anti-Climb Fence: Enhancing Construction Industry Security in Africa

This robust welded mesh system, equipped with anti-climb and anti-cut features, offers high visibility, making it the perfect choice for medium and high-security needs. Its mesh size is designed to deter intruders from attempting to scale the fence, ensuring your construction site remains secure. The dense mesh effectively inhibits the use of commonly available cutting tools like pliers, making it exceptionally difficult to breach the fence. Despite its dense mesh structure, the Anti-Climb Fence offers clear visibility, making it CCTV-friendly and exposing any unauthorized intruders. Crafted from galvanized steel and then powder-coated, the fence is not only strong but also highly resistant to corrosion, dust, and other environmental factors. It adds an aesthetic finish to your construction site's security.

Barbed Wire: Securing Africa's Construction Industry

In the dynamic world of construction across Africa, safeguarding your sites is of paramount importance, and Barbed Wire emerges as a versatile solution for protecting your construction perimeters. These wires are essentially made of steel with red-colored sharp barbs at regular intervals, creating a formidable deterrent to discourage intruders. The double strand high tensile wire resists attempts to cut the wires using pliers, providing robust security for your construction site. Its versatility, intruder deterrence, robust resilience, and all-weather reliability make it the ultimate choice for safeguarding your property.

Concertina Coil: Defending Africa's Construction Industry

Concertina Coil is a wall-top or fence-top deterrent made of razorblade tape in a coil shape, providing a proven and reliable security solution. In Africa's dynamic construction landscape, Concertina Coil's razorblade tape design has been tried and tested to deter intruders effectively. The ability to adjust loop sizes ensures that you can fine-tune the security to meet the specific needs of your construction site. Its proven deterrence, adaptability, durability, and customization options make it the ultimate choice for safeguarding construction sites.

Securing Africa's Mining Industry with A-1 Fence Perimeter Solutions

A-1 Fence is committed to securing Africa's mining industry, contributing to the protection of resources, the safety of personnel, and the fulfillment of regulatory requirements. Mining sites are treasure troves of valuable resources. Perimeter security is crucial to deter theft and protect these precious assets. The mining industry involves heavy machinery and hazardous materials. A well-secured perimeter ensures the safety of on-site personnel and nearby communities. A-1 Fence offers tailored perimeter security solutions, adapting to the unique needs of your mining site, whether it's an expansive open pit or an underground mine. Mining sites often face harsh environmental conditions hence our robust fencing materials are built to withstand these challenges and offer long-lasting security. Quick and efficient installation is vital in the dynamic mining sector. A-1 Fence solutions are designed for easy and hassle-free setup.


Chainlink Fence: Fortifying Africa's Mining Industry

In the rugged and resource-rich landscapes of Africa's mining industry, security is a non-negotiable priority, and the time-tested Chainlink Fence emerges as a versatile solution to safeguard mining perimeters. Chainlink Fence is a proven fencing solution suitable for a wide array of applications, from farms to high-security mining sites. A-1 Fence offers premium quality Chain Links and complete Chain Link Systems, allowing you to select the ideal solution based on your specific requirements. It features a woven structure that ensures the security of the property while providing an unobstructed view from both sides of the fenced premises. Available in multiple coating options depending upon the environmental & site condition to help combat corrosion from degrading its life.

Honeycomb Fence: Safeguarding Africa's Mining Perimeters

Honeycomb Fence boasts a distinctive hexagonal-shaped demarcation fence, setting it apart as a unique and resilient choice for perimeter security. The fence is reinforced with a triple twist mesh structure, making it significantly stronger than most woven fences available in the market. The intentional cutting or accidental breaking of single wires does not compromise the structural integrity of the mesh and the impact on the fence is evenly distributed across the entire mesh due to its honeycomb fence® structure, enhancing its ability to withstand external forces. The fence is available in multiple coating options, allowing you to select the most suitable one based on environmental and site conditions, which is crucial in combating corrosion and ensuring a long service life.

Razormesh: Securing Africa's Mining Perimeters

Razormesh is a high-security fence featuring an offensive razor blade mesh structure, specifically engineered for safeguarding critical infrastructures and international borders. The menacing blades of Razormesh create a formidable image, compelling potential intruders to think twice before attempting to breach the perimeter. In the competitive and security-conscious world of mining in Africa, Razormesh redefines perimeter security. Its high-security design and visual deterrent capabilities make it the ultimate choice for safeguarding mining sites.


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